The benefits of Juggling.

Updated: Feb 24

Juggling is a fun activity for all ages and it has many benefits both Physical and Neurological.

There are many benefits of juggling and it is a really fun way to exercise and learn!

The best thing is, you can get as many benefits through the process of learning to juggle as you can get from the outcome. The physical benefits include improved hand eye co-ordination, fitness, ambidexterity, balance, motor skills, rhythm and timing just to name a few. In addition, learning juggling skills can boost increase confidence, problem solving, self esteem, perseverance and communication abilities.

“Preschool aged children can start acquiring foundational juggling skills such as throwing and catching using a variety of objects. Start with soft and slow moving objects such as juggling scarves and then progress to soft toys and juggling balls.

Cardio-vascular workout.

When children engage in juggling games and activities they get exercise not only by throwing objects into the air but also when they bend down to pick up fallen objects. Juggling activities and play using juggling scarves require big flowing movements with the arms, which activates some of the big muscles and gets the heart rate up. Incorporating music into the juggling games engages childrens sense of rhythm and inspires creativity in movement.

Focus and concentration.

Juggling requires you to focus on one activity at a time and go step-by-step through the process."

Learning juggling at any age will require you to follow a sequential step by step process. Start by calming your mind and focusing on one step at a time, you will need to persevere through a series of failures (ie; dropping the juggling ball) this will require you to adopt a growth mindset. Adopting a growth mindset means having the belief that you can cultivate skills through your effort. Now imagine the feeling of excitement and accomplishment you will experience when you make it to the next step. Within this process there will come a time when you will gain the ability to talk and chat whilst practicing the juggling skills, when this happens it means both sides of the brain have been activated. How cool is that!?

Juggling improves brain function.

There are numerous studies on how juggling improves brain function. Check out the links below to some interesting research articles.

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